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Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly

At Nelson Specialties Company, we serve a wide array of industries.  A company came to us with their medical instrumentation product to provide them with partial turnkey PCB (printed circuit board) assembly services.

Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly

The medical instrumentation customer’s product required Nelson Specialties Company to procure the PCB’s and a solder paste stencil. The customer ordered and provided NSC with the thru-hole and surface mount (SMT) components from their bill of material (BOM).

NSC assembled the PCB’s using our lead-free auto pick & place SMT (surface mount technology) machine and reflow process as well as manual thru-hole assembly. Once the PCB assembly process was completed, a careful visual inspection was performed on each of the 400 fully populated printed circuit boards.

Upon successful quality inspection, our technicians performed the testing procedure on the assembled printed circuit boards using the text fixture and process established and provided to NSC by the customer. Once the customer’s respective testing process was completed, each assembled and tested PCB was packed into anti-stat packaging while following proper ESD (electrostatic discharge) handling procedures and shipped complete to the customer.

Nelson Specialties Company’s PCB Assembly Services

  • Mixed Technology (SMT and Thru-hole) Assembly
  • Partial or Full Turnkey, Kitted (Assembly Only) options
  • Lead-Free/RoHS processes
  • Prototype to Mid-Volume production
  • Conformal Coating
  • Device Programming and Testing capabilities using procedures and fixtures provided by customers
  • Automated pick and place equipment capabilities include SMT assembly placements down to 0201 components
At Nelson Specialties Company, our ongoing training and equipment upgrades have allowed us to provide exceptional SMT assembly services. From prototypes to mid-size production volumes, our team is committed to the highest standards of product quality.

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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) represents one of the fastest growing areas in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly services.

Nelson Specialties SMT assembly pick and place operations have the capability to position components down to 0201. All parts are subject to 100% visual inspection at every stage of the assembly process.

With the inclusion of the appropriate testing fixtures, we will test all assemblies per design specifications prior to shipment. Kitted projects are welcome as are requests for full or partial turnkey applications.

Contact the PCB Assembly and Electromechanical Assembly Professionals, Nelson Specialties or call (269)983-1878 to toll-free (877)221-6699