Nelson Specialties Company PCB & Electromechanical Assembly Services

Audio/Video Electromechanical Assembly Services

A customer from the Audio/Video industry contacted Nelson Specialties Company to provide them with electromechanical assembly services.
This electromechanical assembly job required NSC to provide assembly only services for 50 enclosed units.  Per the customer’s schematics and BOM (Bill of Material) with all materials provided by the customer, the subassembly included wire harnesses and hardware to be mounted into a provided enclosure unit.

Following the assembly only process, a careful inspection was performed on each wire assembly and connection within the 50 units before delivery.

With the inclusion of the appropriate testing fixtures, Nelson Specialties will test all assemblies per design specifications before shipment.

Nelson Specialties Company's Electromechanical Assembly Services

  • Box build, wire harness and cable assembly
  • Device programming and testing capabilities using procedures and fixtures provided by customers
  • Just in time scheduling options
  • Partial or Full Turnkey, Kitted (Assembly Only) options

Additional Electronic Manufacturing Services

In addition to electromechanical assembly, we also provide supplemental electronic manufacturing services:

Customer commitment

At NSC we are committed to our customers and take a great deal of pride in the many long-term relationships that we have established with our customers and vendors over the years. Both customer service and satisfaction always come first regardless of whether it’s a prototype build or a mid-volume production run.  We have both the necessary in-house resources and manufacturing knowledge to complete projects in a timely and cost-efficiant fashion and attentiveness to quality on every assembly.

Nelson Specialties Company has been providing assembly only services and a wide variety of electronic assembly services to our customers since 1994.

Contact Nelson Specialties Company to learn more about our electromechanical assembly services today at 877-221-6699, or Request a Quote online.

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